Katherine Ketcham



In the House of the Moon: Reclaiming the Feminine Spirit Healing

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" Splendid.  A sourcebook of women's wisdom that will uplift and inspire all who read it. This book is a must for everyone who is interested in women, the feminine, and healing." 
-- Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"...tak[es]readers on a journey of self-awareness that could forever change the way they think and feel about the celebration that is womanhood."
-- Niels H. Lauersen, M.D

"Philosophy and spirituality are here blended with alternative and New Age medicine. The mix is a bit confusing and not very well organized; nevertheless, this book is at times a stimulating survey of the mind in treating and avoiding women's illness. Elias is an acupuncturist and student of non-Western healing methods developed by practitioners ranging from Chinese herbalists to Native American medicine men. With the collaboration of Ketcham, 'a female guide who could take me into the soul of the female experience,' he not only reports on unconventional treatments but also recounts what he regards as beneficial myths, parables, and legends relating to illness. Informative data are provided on such matters as the different affinities of Chinese medicine, and there are sensible discussions of practical approaches to a number of common female problems, including fibroids. The appendix lists material on herbs, acupuncture, and available organizational resources. Recommended for large women's health collections."
-- Natalie Kupferberg, Ferris State Univ., Big Rapids, Mich.